Providing experience-driven training to civilians and law enforcement in:

Concealed carry: fundamentals, concealment and fighting

CQB and intermediate distance pistol and rifle skills

Violence Mindset and Violent Criminal Behavior

Concealment: Recognition and Fieldcraft

CQB and Structure Management for solo and small groups
(Civilian, home defense and patrol officer relevant strategies)

Violence of Mind,
the book 


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Schedule 2018

Jan 14: Violence of Mind Florida: Primal Violence, Ft. Lauderdale

Feb 11: Violence of Mind Michigan: Primal Violence, Holland, MI

Feb 17: Violence of Mind Connecticut: Primal Violence, Hartford, CT 

Feb 18: VoM Primal Violence and Closed Space Fighting, (closed enrollment) Hartford, CT

Apr 7-8: VoM Street Defense Pistol, Miami, FL

Apr 23: Violence of Mind Central California: Primal Violence, High-Order Predators and Counter-Ambush, Hughson, CA

Apr 29: Violence of Mind Chicago: Primal Violence, Chicago, IL

May 20: Close Fighting Concealment Pistol, Alliance, OH

June 9-10: Gutter Fight Pistol, Alliance, OH

June 6, 7, 8: OTOA Violence of Mind LE Only, Ohio Tactical Officer’s Conference, Sandusky, Oh

August 12: ACA Ambush/Counter Ambush Workshop (Concealment Fighting) Miami, FL

Sept 2: VoM Concealment Pistol, Alliance, OH

Sept 29 VoM Close Concealment Pistol, Okeechobee, FL

Oct 28: ACA Ambush/Counter Ambush Workshop (Concealment Fighting) Chicago, IL

Nov 10: Violence of Mind: Primal Violence, Predators and Counter-Ambush, Prince Frederick MD


Jan 26-27: CQB Principles and Validation Shoothouse (Force on Force), Miami, FL

Feb 23-24: Force on Force Counter Ambush Pistol, (Live fire and UTM), Homestead, FL

May 18-19: Street Defense Pistol, Cleves, OH 

April 14: Force on Force Ambush Counter Ambush, (UTM Only) Chicago, IL

June 3-7: Concealment and Criminal Mindset, Ohio Tactical Officer’s Conference, Sandusky OH

TBA: Dates for Alliance, OH and Okeechobee, FL, as well as other locations coming soon…