Varg Freeborn

Varg Freeborn EAG Shoothouse, Forge Tactical, Alliance Police Training

Varg Freeborn is an author, self-defense and gunfight instructor, lethal force educator, fitness coach, a father and a family man.

Born into a violent home life, he was no stranger to deadly violence by a very young age. Throughout his adolescence, members of his immediately family and many close friends were murdered or sent to prison. In 1994, at 19, he was convicted in a self-defense case that went terribly wrong and was sentenced to 5 years in prison, for stabbing his attacker dozens of times. His education and training in criminal violence, as well as in strength and conditioning, was deeply cultivated during that 5 years…

Following his release, he continued to fight his case and was eventually granted a full restoration of all civil rights. Varg went on to train extensively in civilian and law enforcement gunfighting, tactics, CQB, breaching, close protection, boxing, BJJ and more. He  provides professional training to civilians and law enforcement all over the U.S.

He is a current cadre guest instructor to multiple law enforcement facilities and associations such as the Ohio Tactical Officer’s Association and the Alliance Police Training Facility (Alliance, OH)  and is well known in the law enforcement and task force communities. Varg also is the head coach of the Barbell Club Olympic lifting program at Crossfit Iron Legion, where he also coaches strength and fitness.

His experience with criminal violence, concealment as a field craft, close fighting (especially with weapons), and criminal mindset are unsurpassed in the self-defense industry for the specific lane of civilian criminal violence. He is most well known for his “Violence of Mind” course work, which focuses on the mindset aspect of training and fighting in a way that few have ever been able to approach.

His experience with strength and fitness spans nearly 25 years with a vast array of experiences from hardcore prison gyms and powerlifting in his early years, to professional personal training, fight athlete conditioning, Olympic lifting and functional cross training throughout the past two decades.

When Varg is not traveling the U.S. and teaching lecture, live-fire or combatives classes, he is enjoying a quiet, peaceful life on his small farm in Central Florida with his daughters, his Great Dane and his horse, where he continues to write, and produce content for his YouTube channel (/ViolenceofMind), his podcast The Varg Freeborn Podcast and his Patreon page (/ViolenceOfMind).

Certifications and Training

Catalyst Athletics Olympic Weightlifting Level 1 Coach 2019
Instructor for Ohio Tactical Officer’s Association (current)

Instructor at Alliance Police Training Facility (current)

ISSA Fitness Trainer Development (16hrs) Dayton, Ohio Sept 2005

Olympic Weightlifting Development, Catalyst Athletics, (16hrs) Salt Lake City, UT August 2019

Private Security Firearms Certification, Ohio Peace Officer’s Commission, (20hrs) Columbus, Ohio August 2013

Certified Pistol Instructor Development, NRA,(16hrs) 2013

TAPS Rifle and Pistol, Pat McNamara, (16hrs) Alliance, Ohio 2015

Gunfighting Instructor Development LMS Defense (40hrs) Alliance, Ohio Nov 2015

AK Operator, Center T Moscow, (16hrs) Oct 2015

Shoot House CQB, EAG Tactical, (40hrs) Alliance, Ohio May 2016

Mechanical, Ballistic and Thermal Breaching, Alliance Police Training, (30hrs) Alliance, Ohio April 2016

Certified CQB Instructor, Alliance Police Training, (48hrs) Alliance, Ohio Oct 2017

CQB Operations, Forge Tactical, (40hrs) Alliance, Ohio Sept 2017

Small Team CQB/Tactical Medical Response, Forge Tactical, (34hrs) Alliance, Ohio Sept 2017

Law Enforcement Protective Operations, Alexander Global Strategies, (48hrs) Alliance, Ohio Aug 2018

Practical Pistol Marksmanship, Reston Group, (8hrs) St. Augustine, FL July 2019


“Varg Freeborn is doing Yeomen’s work with armed citizens. He’s an up and comer in the biz, for sure. No flash, and all cattle no hat. Training cops and high speed dudes is rewarding as hell, but the work Varg and his team are doing is really what the 2nd Amendment is about at its core. Keep it up Varg, your skill and ability to hold to your Lane like a boss is taking you places, and that’s a good thing for armed citizens.”

John “Chappy” Chapman


“I would be way more popular if I played along, if I promoted the image of coolness and talked about the darkness in the world all the time. My allegiance is not and has never been to “the industry” or anyone who is considered cool, popular, influential or the “establishment” within it. My sole allegiance during my time in this business, which will NOT be lifelong, is strictly to the “earth people”, the good people who truly want to learn and can benefit from my experience and perspective on the dangers and inner-workings of violence. My readers, my supporters, my students. Civilians, soldiers, patrol cops. I say it every time I get the chance, I didn’t come here to play in the popularity contest of the industry. I am here to share a message and then move on, which will happen. I can call it as I see it, because I don’t “owe” anyone friendship or favors. If that means I won’t make as much money as the “cool” guys, so be it.  I will accomplish my original mission here, to help good people with a genuine desire to live safer and healthier lives. That’s all that matters to me.” -Varg Freeborn

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