Varg Freeborn created One Life Defense, LLC to fill a huge gap in the firearms and personal safety training world. This gap results from self-defense instructors with minimal personal experience with extreme criminal violence teaching students how to fight dangerous criminals.

Unlike most law enforcement and military, the average civilian is on his or her own with no backup and institutional support. As a result, even highly experienced and trained instructors rarely have direct experience in dealing with violent criminals on a one-to-one basis. Conversely, Varg was raised in an environment of criminal and gang violence. His experience includes an intimate understanding of prison and criminal combat culture and violence culture as a whole, in which he has lived as a full-time participant. He is also intimately experienced with defending oneself in post-event court proceedings for lethal force. 

Varg’s primary focus is instructing people to deal with both the apex predator, or High-Order Criminal, and the common variety Low-Order Criminal. While conventional self-defense training may be sufficient to handle the unintelligent and low skilled assailant, this type of training fails drastically when applied to the super-predator.

Regardless of whether students are civilians, law enforcement, military, or specialized agencies, Varg’s training system and personal experience with the extremely violent criminal world is appreciated and implemented by representatives from all walks and professions. His instruction methodology is derived from reverse-engineering his personal hands-on fighting experience into what it really takes to survive extreme criminal violence. It is broken down into two main functions.

1. Conditioning – Developing gunfighting and hand-to-hand fighting skills, techniques and procedures, and the physical conditioning necessary to perform them

and then combining them with:

2. Orientation (Violence of Mind) – Developing the Orientation and Mindset necessary to fight effectively and efficiently. This aspect includes a deep understanding of both the mental preparation that comes before violence and also dealing with the legal and societal aftermath of violence.

 Varg Freeborn

Varg Freeborn EAG Shoothouse, Forge Tactical, Alliance Police Training

Varg Freeborn is a violence educator and lethal force firearms and combatives instructor widely known for his unique background in the violent criminal underworld. His breadth of real experience is unmatched in criminal violence education.

He is widely regarded for his work in the arena of criminal violence education. His talks and instruction provide compelling insight into the world of extreme criminal violence. Unlikely most educators and trainers, Varg spent his entire youth and young adulthood living and participating in the criminal underworld. Many of those years were spent immersed in criminal combat culture.

Upon leaving that life behind, Varg made up for lost time by applying himself to the martial arts, boxing, personal fitness training, and most importantly to gunfighting. Due to his unique skill set and experience he has worked for, trained under and with, some of the best gunfighters in the world including National Level SWAT trainers, U.S. Special Forces veterans, and foreign Special Forces combat instructors. He has been granted access to closed law enforcement training, and police training facilities. When coupled with his heavily documented experience with extreme violence, his training and experience arguably spans a wider spectrum than any other instructor in the field of civilian criminal violence today.

As a speaker, his raw and unique style pulls no punches as he captures the attention of his audience by “telling it like it is”. Drawing on his personal life, he shares with his audience the inner world of the violent criminal that only can be explained from someone who has not only studied the science behind violence, but has also lived it and participated in it. With direct experience in the legal field, the gun and personal-defense industries, and several years as a professional fitness coach and several years as a combat athlete, Varg not only has the legitimate street cred of experience, but also a well-rounded education and professional resume.

Varg’s insights and influence have had widespread impact on the training industry.  His personal experience with violence and training have enabled him to develop and test a unique instructional program that has advanced the capabilities of hundreds of people.  His goal is to help people defeat violent criminals physically and prevail during the legal, social, and psychological aftermath. This work is done through the training with One Life Defense, LLC, his podcast Be the Wolf, and the Patreon channel which also features the One Life YouTube channel

His instruction has students thinking about aspects of violence that they have never considered before.  Participants leave his courses with a clearer understanding of the world of violence and what it takes to survive in it. His goal is to provide his students with every advantage possible when it comes to defending against criminal violence.  After all, we only get One Life.

“Varg Freeborn is doing Yeomen’s work in Ohio with armed citizens. He’s an up and comer in the biz, for sure. No flash, and all cattle no hat. Training cops and high speed dudes is rewarding as hell, but the work Varg and his team are doing is really what the 2nd Amendment is about at its core. Keep it up Varg, your skill and ability to hold to your Lane like a boss is taking you places, and that’s a good thing for armed citizens.”

John “Chappy” Chapman


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