Violence of Mind Chicago: Primal Violence, High-Order Predators and Counter-Ambush

  • VOM Chicago Apr 21
    April 29, 2018
    9:00 am - 6:00 pm

Varg Freeborn presents the Violence of Mind Course Series

Primal Violence: Primal Violence, High-Order Predators and Counter-Ambush

First Five Medical Services
4004 N. Nashville Ave
Chicago, IL 60634

SUNDAY, April 29 9pm to 6pm

A unique perspective on the violent threats you face. Hear an insider perspective from someone who lived and survived in that violent criminal underworld world for 25 years, with an articulation on how to hack the human processor by understanding how that hardcore mindset is created, and what we can do to begin cultivating the mindset to prepare to meet them head-on with the professionalism.

The primary focus of this course is instructing people to deal with the apex predator, or High-Order Criminal, while pushing oneself to a high level of professionalism. While conventional self-defense and law enforcement training may be sufficient to handle the less intelligent and low skilled assailant, this type of training fails drastically when applied to the predator that has high-order thinking skills.

Participants will gain an understanding of the different levels of criminal attack, and will learn how to focus their study and training to deal with the savvy, non-stereotypical predator with high-order thinking skills. The focus is to identify and understand the truly violent, and to learn how to not only deal with them, but to awaken and cultivate the high-order predation skills within yourself while maintaining a high level of professionalism.

Our orientation is the foundation of every decision making process we engage in. We will examine how that orientation is created, and what we can do to alter our decision making performance through training and conditioning.

Varg Freeborn is the Owner and Head Instructor of One Life Defense, LLC and the creator of Violence of MInd. He was raised in an environment of criminal and gang violence, and went on to serve 5 years in prison for a self-defense stabbing that went wrong. After earning a restoration, he went on to work in the industry training with both civilians and law enforcement to a professional level in lethal force mindset, gunfighting and combatives. His experience includes an intimate understanding of prison, criminal combat culture and violence culture as a whole, in which he has lived as a full-time participant. He is also intimately experienced with defending oneself in post-event court proceedings for lethal force, prison training, the mission of law enforcement and special operations, and the resultant experience with bloody, ambush/counter-ambush predatory violence. From the streets, to prison, to professional training to a law-enforcement level, few have his breadth of experience.

Some of what we will cover:
Target Selection vs Target Analysis
Training and Equipment
Orientation and Conditioning
Values and Parameters: the building blocks of stress or success


Open enrollment, however, Registrants WILL be researched, or vetted by reliable sources.

Please arrive early with note taking materials, hydration and snacks


4004 N. Nashville Ave, Chicago, Illinois, 60634, United States


4004 N. Nashville Ave
Chicago, IL 60634

Parking in Lot, Entrance on West side of building.

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