Concealment Pistol: Applied Fighting Concepts Okeechobee, FL

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  • Concealment Pistol Okee DEPOSIT
    September 29, 2019
    8:00 am - 5:00 pm

This is a class focused on fighting with a handgun. We will work to develop the fundamental requirements of the shooter in preparation for a close quarters fight with a pistol. This is much more than just shooting fundamentals, including important topics such as footwork and fighting on your feet, dealing with the public with advanced muzzle awareness and discipline, and the fast-paced shooting of close engagements.

The course learning objectives are designed from experience both in the field in close engagements, and from observations of failures and successes in force-on-force courses of instruction. If you absorb and practice what you learn here, you will be better prepared to participate in force-on-force training for testing purposes, because what is taught has been tested thoroughly. This of course translates to being better prepared for the real fight should that fateful day ever comes for you.

The natural progression of training should move from basic skill fundamentals into fighting principles and fundamentals, which are far more encompassing and challenging to master. This course is the gateway into that path of development.

Some of what we will cover:

  • The Martial Principles, understanding the progression of training
  • Weapons Flow: Advanced safety and muzzle control for employing a handgun around the public, innocents, partners, family members and other no-harms.
  • Introduction to Fighting Footwork in the public/unpredictable environment
  • Movement and shooting (those who move get hit less)
  • What Concealment REALLY means: Concealment of Skills, Capabilities, Intentions and Gear;
  • Ambush Mindset and how it changes what we train;
  • Fast-paced drills and scenarios for the concealed pistol
  • Testing
  • Final Brief and AAR

Open Enrollment for Active duty or retired LE/mil or current concealed carry licensee
Suitable DUTY GRADE pistol, belt and concealment holster (dress for daily life)
350 rounds of pistol ammunition
Spare mags (carried in whatever manner you carry while concealed)
No tactical gear that you do not carry in daily life (TQ is encouraged)
Hydration and Snacks, there is a restaurant on the property for lunch, or bring your own
Electronic Ear Pro and ballistic eye pro
Small notebook and pen for note taking

THE COURSE COST IS $125. YOU ARE PAYING A DEPOSIT OF $75 TO SECURE YOUR SPOT. THE BALANCE OF $50 IS DUE IN CASH UPON ARRIVAL. A separate Range fee of $30 per day will apply to OK CORRAL that you must pay separately upon arrival

OK Coral is only a few hours drive for me. This makes it a “local” venue for me and keeps the classes affordable for you.

Please note, your registration is non-refundable unless I cancel for any reason. In some circumstances of student no-shows and cancelations I will apply credit to a future course, at my discretion. You are also not guaranteed to remain in the class and can be removed for any reason such as disruptiveness, attitude and most importantly safety.


Venue Website:

9449 48th St NE, Okeechobee, Florida, 34972, United States


OK Corral Gun Club
9449 48th St NE, Okeechobee, FL 34972
(863) 357-2226

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