Concealment Pistol: Applied Fighting Concepts X2, Okeechobee, FL

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  • Pistol Concepts X2 Okee
    January 26, 2020
    9:00 am - 6:00 pm

Applied Fighting Concepts X2: Movement and Mechanics of Pistol Fighting 

This course will deal specifically with the movement and mechanics of using a pistol in a public setting or inside of a structure where muzzle control and direction of fire will be a safety concern. While marksmanship is the primary focus of most pistol courses, the very important skill sets of movement and mechanics are not covered very often.

Who can attend?
If you have–through previous training–progressed to a level of being able to control your muzzle around others on the range and you have reliable control of your safety fundamentals, you may take this course. If you would like to take the course using inert blue gun for specific portions of the course, you are also welcome to attend. I will provide a blue gun for you. If I deem someone to be unsafe, you may be assigned a blue gun for portions of the course. These are “advanced concepts” for training, but they cover very common occurrences that can and do happen in just about every gunfight a civilian or lone patrol officer may face. If you carry a pistol, you need this course. We will cover techniques and procedures that should made a part of your cognitive process under stress through training and practice.

Class is limited to 14 spots to maintain the value of your course experience.

What we will cover:

  • The foundations of footwork and movement.
  • How to move with a pistol in your hand.
  • Advanced safety: techniques and procedures for muzzle control around others and in chaotic situations
  • Alternate mechanics for environmental demands (“workspace” and “sol” are not always acceptable or safe directions, standard two handed draws are not always available, and so on…how to recognize it and what to do when they are not)
  • Getting “on line or in front of” partners, family and other “no-shoots”
  • How to, if necessary, “go to the sound of guns” (an occurrence where dangerous mistakes are very often made under stress)
  • Marksmanship as it relates to movement, alternative mechanics, and pistol fighting distances (0 to 25yds for this course)
  • Lecture topic: Achieving balance between aggression and intention/self-control during high stress events


Open Enrollment for Active duty or retired LE/mil or current concealed carry licensee
Suitable DUTY GRADE pistol, belt and concealment holster (dress for daily life)
NO shoulder holsters, nylon holsters, pocket holsters, holsters that collapse when empty
350 rounds of pistol ammunition
Spare mags (carried in whatever manner you carry while concealed)
No tactical gear that you do not carry in daily life (TQ is encouraged)
Hydration and Snacks, there is a restaurant on the property for lunch, or bring your own
Electronic Ear Pro and ballistic eye pro
Small notebook and pen for note taking

THE COURSE COST IS $130 plus a $45 range fee (yes that is what the range charges us). YOU ARE PAYING A DEPOSIT OF $75 TO SECURE YOUR SPOT. THE BALANCE OF $100 IS DUE IN CASH UPON ARRIVAL.

Simplified version:

pay $75 deposit now to register,

bring $100 in cash to the class for balance due. 

(Even ok coral members must pay the range fee, ok coral charges me $45 per student, member or not)

OK Coral is only a few hours drive for me. This makes it a “local” venue for me and keeps the classes affordable for you.

Please note, your registration is non-refundable unless I cancel for any reason. In some circumstances of student no-shows and cancelations I will apply credit to a future course, at my discretion. You are also not guaranteed to remain in the class and can be removed for any reason such as disruptiveness, attitude and most importantly safety.


Venue Website:

9449 48th St NE, Okeechobee, Florida, 34972, United States


OK Corral Gun Club
9449 48th St NE, Okeechobee, FL 34972
(863) 357-2226

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