Introduction to the Gunfight: Force-on-Force and Concealment Pistol

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  • Kinsman ConFoF
    September 27, 2020
    9:00 am - 6:00 pm

If you have never done force-on-force (FoF), this is a great introduction course to learn about yourself and fighting under pressure. If you have done FoF before, this will be a great chance to get out and have a 1 day refresher to sharpen those skills.

This class consists of 2 blocks of instruction:

  • 4 Hours Force on Force UTM scenario based fighting and decision making with a pistol
  • 4 Hours Live Fire concealment pistol work

These blocks of instruction are flexible per class needs.

After redundant and thorough sterilization and danger checks, at which time all live ammo, weapons and gear will be removed to the vehicles and the area will be thoroughly sterilized, the class will begin scenarios putting students into situations where they will be forced to make fast decisions of high consequence regarding to draw or not to draw, when to draw, how to draw, how to consider the safety of others during dangerous conflicts, best strategies to win, and how to execute effective follow through in dealing with the aftermath of a lethal force event.

Students will be in 4 roles: Good guy, bad guy, bystander and observer. This method gives the student an experienced look into the decision making that every actor has to go through during a conflict, better preparing the armed citizen or officer with the insight and knowledge to manage and control chaotic situations and mitigate risks while performing well in a fight. Scenarios will be based on basic interactions that the average citizen or officer could encounter in daily life.

The second block of instruction, following lunch break, will start with “weapons flow” and segue into working from concealment, movement and environmentally aware shooting. We will work from touching distance to 25 yards. In this order, students will learn how to apply the lessons they learned in the force-on-force portion to what they should practice on the square range.

The two blocks are separated by a lunch break.  It will be treated as two separate classes with different safety briefings and procedures.

This course does NOT deal with the hands-on, combatives part of fights. That IS offered in a separate course. The learning objectives here are focusing on the decision making and performance with a pistol in situations where going hands-on can be avoided or is not possible.

The course price is as follows:
Course tuition: $165, (You are paying a $100 non-refundable deposit)
Range Fee: $10 (goes to OK Coral),
*UTM Cost: 0.70 cents per round; for this course you should budget for between one and two boxes of 50, $35 per box, plus OPFOR

*(UTM round count includes what you shoot, PLUS the OPFOR round count divided by number of students. They are all YOUR training rounds. IF only students are OPFOR, then you will use your purchased rounds.)

Bring the $65 tuition balance, $10 facility fee, and UTM budget in CASH to the range with you on the day of the class. 

Deposits are non refundable in most cases. It is completely up to me what circumstances I will consider for no shows when a credit is requested.


  • You must have at least basic weapons handling and safety in place to take this course. This primarily means you know how to safely and effectively make your weapon functional and use it, and you know how to control your muzzle safely in all conditions.
  • You must have a valid Concealed Carry Permit, active duty law enforcement or other proof that you are not a prohibited person from owning or possessing firearms.


Live Fire:

  • Suitable and safe holster (no belly bands, cross draws, SOB carry, shoulder holsters. AIWB or strong side hip only, holster should not close when gun is removed.)
  • Quality belt to hold holster in place, holster must attach to belt in some manner.
  • Quality firearm preferably of at least 9mm caliber (no antiques or questionably functional weapons)
  • At least 3 magazines for your pistol
  • 250 rounds of ammunition


  • Full Face Mask. Due to COVID, you are encouraged to bring your own mask. Disinfectant wipes will be provided but you should have your own. Recommended full-face paintball mask with full face, ear and eye covering. Disinfected loaner masks are available at your own risk
  • Protective clothing: long sleeve shirt recommended, gloves recommended strongly-you WILL get shot in the hands, neck and head covering are MANDATORY (scarf and light hoodie, or balaclava with neck covering plus scarf)


  • Hydration
  • Snacks: keep yourself going throughout the day.  pack a lunch as well.
  • Hat: some type of head and neck covering are recommended to protect from the sun


Venue Phone: 330-303-1088

6874 Bushnell Campbell Rd, Kinsman, Ohio, 44428, United States

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