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  • VoM St Def Pistol
    May 18, 2019 - May 19, 2019
    9:00 am - 5:00 pm


VoM Street Defense Pistol will bring you the outstanding combo of the Violence of Mind Counter Ambush and Criminal Mindset work with the practical skills and techniques of Concealment Pistol with Varg. This course is designed for everyone regardless of experience level, to build a solid foundation for a strong fighting mindset, a core understanding of the enemy, and the practical skillsets to win fights against professional bad guys. This is experience-driven fight training focused on well-vetted fundamentals and principles, period.

If you have taken pistol shooting courses and now are looking for specific information on how to actually fight, and information about who you will be fighting against, this is where you need to be. The two days will take you on a journey into the minds of hardcore fighters, where you will begin to not only learn how to train yourself going forward with pistol skills and techniques that are fight specific, but also how to begin re-framing your attachments and values towards a strong orientation to violence. In short, we will be covering both Violence of Action and Violence of Mind.

Separate Range fee of $25 per day will apply for using the Impact Shooting Center that you must pay directly to the range upon arrival

Purpose and Intent
Clarification of Mission Brief
Training Protocol Brief

Gear and Loadout Review

Safety and Medical Brief

 SOME of what we will cover:

  • The Martial Principles Lecture, understanding the progression
  • Advanced Firearms Safety (with an emphasis on controlling a firearm in public around no-shoots)
  • Holster positioning/ Draw stroke/ Reholstering for fighting purposes
  • Weapon Manipulation with an emphasis on strength position for fighting purposes
  • Introduction to Fighting Footwork in the public/unpredictable environment
  • VoM Lectures:
    • What Concealment REALLY means: Concealment of Skills, Capabilities, Intentions and Gear;
    • Ambush Mentality and the Criminal Fight;
    • High-Order Predators and YOUR Orientation
  • Drills and Scenarios for the concealed pistol
  • Managing a chaotic environment
  • Skill Builders for concealed pistol on the Square Range
  • Testing
  • Final Brief and AAR

Open Enrollment for Active duty or retired LE/mil or current concealed carry licensee
Suitable duty grade pistol, belt and concealment holster (dress for daily life)
600 rounds of pistol ammunition
Spare mags (carried in whatever manner you carry while concealed)
No tactical gear that you do not carry in daily life (TQ is encouraged)
Hydration and Snacks, bring your lunch to the range please
Electronic Ear Pro and ballistic eye pro
Small notebook and pen for note taking
Separate Range fee of $25 per day will apply to Impact Shooting Center that you must pay directly to the range

Please show up on the range at 8:30AM so you are situated and seated in the classroom at 8:50AM.


6111 Morgan Rd, Cleves, Ohio, 45002, United States


Impact Shooting Center

6111 Morgan Rd

Cleves, Ohio 45002

(25$ per day range fee)

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