Firearms Training

Concealed Carry Certification in Florida and Ohio
Concealment Pistol Fighting
CQB for both Pistol and Rifle
Intermediate Distance Combat Rifle
Close Fighting Combatives with Weapons
Force-on-Force Validation

Private Lessons

All courses are taught from a fighting perspective. Every skill, technique and procedure is designed for the mission of defending against criminal violence. Yes, you may think you know how to shoot a gun. But do you know how to fight? Can you perform under stress? Can you really do that against a non-compliant attacker? Can you keep yourself out of trouble or prison? Can you do it in a chaotic situation without muzzling or endangering innocents around you?

For both civilians and law enforcement, post-event articulation is where the fight is “won” after the fight is over. Both must be able to clearly justify their use of force after the fact. This means that nothing should be practiced or trained that is not clearly articulable within the rules of the given Mission. It is the Mission that dictates gear and training needs. Therefore, training must be built around Mission needs. Training this way from the start creates confidence in  capabilities both physically and morally. That confidence will reduce hesitation and uncertainty in the heat of the moment. This is what training should accomplish, gaining every advantage possible over the opponent.

By training from a fighting perspective, we do not treat beginning courses differently in terms of the Principles of Fighting.  You will learn the fundamentals of marksmanship and safe weapons as they relate to fighting. Varg has been in many lethal level fights and knows first-hand what it is like to put holes into another human being. He has dealt with the aftermath of lethal force, the social fallout, the court system and the penal system.

You will not sit in front of another instructor with this level of direct experience in the very area you are seeking to prepare for. Every step you take from your very first time shooting and forward will be built around the idea that you are cultivating the skills to defend yourself. Our training is a methodical, highly-developed system derived from living with, surviving, and prevailing against violent criminals.

Students of these courses come from all walks of both civilian and gun carrying professionals. The mindset element is continually cited as being exclusively the highlight of the courses, and the shooting element as being completely practical and fun.

While the training very serious, our classes are fun and welcoming to everyone. Do NOT be intimidated if you are a beginner. The Intro classes are designed for EVERYONE. No one is above doing fundamentals work, and everyone started at zero at one time. No one is left behind and no one goes unchallenged. 

Mindset Training: Violence of Mind

The Violence of Mind classroom and gym seminars.

Based on Varg’s experiences in the violent criminal world, followed by a few decades of training both as a student and a teacher, VoM is a series of courses like no other on extreme criminal violence. Hear an insider perspective from someone who lived and survived in that violent criminal underworld world for 25 years, with an articulation on how to hack the human processor by understanding how that hardcore mindset is created, and what we can do to begin cultivating the mindset to prepare to meet them head-on.

Participants will gain an understanding of the different levels of criminal attack, and will learn how to focus their study and training to deal with the savvy, non-stereotypical predator with high-order thinking skills, the super-predator. The focus is to identify and understand the higher-order predator, and to learn how to not only deal with them, but to awaken and cultivate the high-order predation skills within yourself. Since most self-defense systems only deal with the lower intelligence and capabilities of low-order criminals, this makes Varg’s mindset, gym and range work an exclusive in this industry.

Your orientation is the foundation of every decision making process you engage in. We will examine how that orientation is created, and what we can do to alter our decision making performance through training and conditioning. Each course will be different, no two will be the same, and the series will cover many topics.

Much of the material will be introduced in Varg’s Best Selling book, Violence of Mind. It is very easy to make one of these 1 or 2 day seminars happen in your area. For booking information, please contact